Weld Racing Magnum 2.0 15x10 Black

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Weld Racing Magnum 2.0 Drag Wheel. Fits Supra, SC300 and Nissan S14 Chassis

Wheel Diameter: 15 in.

Wheel Width (in): 10.000 in.

Wheel Bolt Pattern: 5 x 4 1/2 in.

Wheel Material: Aluminum

 Primary Wheel Color: Black

Wheel Finish: Matte

Manufacturers Wheel Series: Weld Racing Magnum Drag 2.0 Series

Backspacing (in): 8.000 in.

Offset: +63.50mm

Wheel Construction: 3-piece

 Lug Nut Seat Style: Shank

Lug Nut Shank Length (in): 0.490-0.550 in.

Lug Nut Shank Diameter (in): 0.679-0.687 in.

Center Bore Diameter (in): 3.180 in.

Center Bore Diameter (mm): 81.00mm



Weld Racing's Magnum Drag 2.0 black anodized wheels feature a lighter, stronger, forged aluminum center and cold-drawn rim shell halves. These wheels have an outer polished lip. Weld Racing Magnum Drag 2.0 black anodized wheels' double-rolled outer rim lips make for stronger, straighter, and better screw retention. They are available in standard and double-beadlock designs, so whether you're racing Super Gas or Top Fuel, Weld has you covered.