1UZ & 3UZ VVTi Kelford Camshafts 208-A 251/251

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The Toyota UZ engine family has been a long time favorite of ours. Light, bullet proof bottom end and responsive to modifications.

The Kelford catalogue range of cams for the 1UZ / 3UZ VVTi V8 engine is extensive and is based upon many years of working with this engine. If you don’t see what you’re looking for we can easily produce a custom cam for you. Kelford has been designing cams for Toyota UZ engines for a long time and for every application imaginable. We will have a design for anything you can throw at us, whether it is a twin turbo drag car, supercharged boat or road car, NZ super stock, or a street machine. We know these engines inside out.

Performance "Drop in cams" to suit the Stock Spring and full VVTi movement. Requires tuned ECU

Engine Make: Engine Model: Part Number:
Valve Clearance: Intake: 0.25mm Set COLD at the CAM
  Exhaust: 0.35mm Set COLD at the CAM
Cam Lift:   Intake: 8.60mm Exhaust: 8.65mm
Rocker Ratio:   Intake: 1 Exhaust: 1
Nett Valve Lift:   Intake: 8.35mm Exhaust: 8.30mm
Advertised Duration @ 0.10mm Intake: 251 Exhaust: 251
Duration @ 1.00mm VALVE LIFT Intake: 218 Exhaust: 218
Timing @ 1.00mm VALVE LIFT IVO: 35 BTDC EVO: 39 BBDC
Suggested Centre Lines:   Intake: 74 Exhaust: 110
VALVE Lift @ TDC Intake: 4.42mm Exhaust: 0.94