About Us

We have been tuning and building high performance import and exotic cars (Mazda RX7's, Acura Nsx, Nissan GTRs, Supras and Porsches etc)  for local customers for over 20 years. Through the Lexus Sc400 Drag Car project we realized the potential of the 1uzfe 4.0L Lexus V8 engine. 6 bolt mains, and a robust forged crankshaft  make this platform a viable reliable big horsepower producer. What is lacking is the availability of Performance parts for this platform. 1uzTech is here to make the 1uz performance engine more common place in motorsports and more available to the enthusiast wanting big reliable horsepower. 

We are located on the East Coast in Portsmouth, Virginia

To make an appointment for Dyno Tuning, Turbo and Supercharger system installation, Engine work and anything in between give us a call.               757-610-7220