1uzTech Super Stock Block Kit

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1UZ Super Stock Block Kit

Stretch the limits of your factory engine by upgrading a few key components. Highly recommended when turbocharging or supercharging a stock engine, We made 650hp to the wheels and ran 9.50's in 1/4 with a Borg S475 turbocharger on a 175,000 engine using these parts. Cometic MLS Head Gaskets and ARP head studs ensure the heads stay down and sealed. The Kelford Valve Springs prevent valve float from boost and allow extra RPM to get the most power. The phenolic gaskets help prevent heat transfer to the intake manifold, lowering Intake air temperatures which makes more power.

.098" Cometic MLS Head Gaskets

ARP Head Studs (Machined for scissor gear clearance)

Kelford Valve Springs

OEM Toyota Timing Belt 

Phenolic Intake Manifold Gaskets