1uzTech CNC Ported Cylinder Head

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1UZ CNC Ported Cylinder Heads 

We have teamed up with a legendary racing cylinder head specialist to develop a CNC ported cylinder head package.  

1uzTech CNC Ported Cylinder Head dramatically increases air flow and makes more power. Whether your Naturally Aspirated or Boosted, in a serious effort to make power you want the best cylinder head flow possible. We offer a few different cylinder head package options.

Machined: Send us your bare heads. We CNC port the intake and exhaust runners, drastically enlarging them, straighten airflow paths and smooth out airflow disturbances. The combustion chambers are ported and contoured around the valve heads to increase flow, smoothed and polished giving better combustion burn and detonation protection. Cam journals are polished for more clearance. New race valve guides are installed. Valve Job, Deck and Mill. Ready for assembly.

Assembled: Heads are fully assembled and ready to bolt on short block. The valve lash is set to your specific camshafts. The scissor gears installed on the camshafts which usually requires modification because of the larger lobes. *Head stud holes enlarged for 11mm if needed. *Cams, Valves and Valve Springs purchased separately*

Full Race Upgrade: Machine head for  ARP Pressed Chromoly T Washer for 11mm head stud. (ARP T Washer Included)