1uz Kelford Cams 207-SC 260/268

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1989-1997 1uz Non Vvti

260°/268° | 9.55mm/9.50mm Valve Lift

260°/268° cams for supercharged Toyota 1UZ-FE engines. Still maintains good drivability and throttle response for street cars. Improved mid-range power over OEM cams. Great with E85 and similar ethanol blend fuels.

*Kelford Cams recommend KVS1UZ valve spring. 

·       All Kelford 1UZ Camshafts require the transfer of scissor gears from each of the oem camshafts. The gears are press fit on and require a shop press and/ or heat to remove. Notching the scissor gear to fit over the larger camshaft lobes is also required.

·       We offer Scissor Gear transfer service for $225

·       We can also supply you with Scissor Gears so you don’t have to take engine apart and wait. $300 refundable core charge when you send your stock cams with Scissor Gears back to us.