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** We keep these manifolds in stock ready to ship with HTV / FDFI 2300 Top Plate .**

ELATE has been producing supercharger manifolds for everything from street cars through drift and race machines. During this time we have managed to gather plenty of data to better help us further develop our products and offer our customers more optimized solutions.

We have found that when running chargers at higher boost levels or chargers with higher output per revolution, HTV2300 and HTV2650 for example, that the air being put out from the charger can be moving so fast through the core the standard 30mm cores aren’t able to adequately remove enough heat to show workable IAT’s when on full boost. We have since come up with and supplied this modified manifold which basically is our standard 1UZ Non- VVTI intercooled manifold with a 30mm thick adapter and 60mm W2A core fitted.

The units are CNC machined from billet 6061 aluminum, media blasted and anodized black. The core assembly features CNC machined end tanks mated to 12AN male flare fittings for the inlet and outlet. All manifolds ship with your choice of 10mm aluminum top plate however if something custom is needed just drop us an email to see if we are able to assist.

This manifold has been designed to suit the factory 1UZ injectors or any aftermarket replacements that suit the non VVTI 1UZ’s.

These manifolds would sit a M112 supercharger approx. 45mm higher than the factory intake manifold and so bonnet clearance may be an issue for some installs.

Please be aware of the below items:

  • Some USDM LS400 and SC400 models have a rear water crossover with a heater outlet that interferes with the manifolds W2A fittings. Use if the heater outlet will not be possible and will require blocking off.
  • The hard lines that connects the fuel rails at the front and rear of the manifold will need to be swapped out for a flexible 6AN line due to them making contact with the manifold when installed.
  • SVT M112 superchargers will need the factory intercooler mount on the underside removed to allow it to mount to our top plates along with one of the mounts to allow fuel rail clearance.
  • GT500 kits will require one bolt on location on the fuel rail countersunk for top plate clearance.

This kit includes the following items:

  • Billet 2-piece manifold w/ 30mm plenum spacer
  • Aluminum top plate to suit the charger of your choice.
  • 150mm x 270mm x 60mm intercooler core with CNC machined end tanks.
  • 2 x 12AN male flare fittings.
  • 17 x Zinc plated M8 x 20 countersunk fasteners (for the top plate and manifold body assembly).
  • 10 x Zinc plated M8 x 50 cap screws (for attaching the manifold to the heads)
  • Installation instructions
  • Email assistance if required.