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This is ELATE’s all new low mount manifold to suit the early NON VVTI 1UZ-FE v8 engine.

The manifold features a unique 2 piece design as with the VVTI version which has helped us get the units as low and as tight as possible, the upper and lower halves are held together by 3 x zinc plated countersunk fasteners and sealed using 3mm EPDM cord to make sure boost pressure stays where it needs to. The units are CNC machined from billet 6061 aluminum, media blasted and anodized black.

All manifolds ship with your choice of 10mm aluminum top plate however if something custom is needed just drop us an email to see if we are able to assist.

This manifold has been designed to suit the factory 1UZ injectors or any aftermarket replacements the suit the non VVTI 1UZ’s.

**Note** The hard line that connects the fuel rails at the front and rear of the manifold will need to be swapped out for a flexi AN line due to making contact with the manifold when installed. SVT M112 superchargers also need the factory intercooler mount on the underside removed to allow it to mount to our top plates.

This kit includes the following items:

  • Billet 2-piece manifold.
  • Aluminum top plate to suit the charger of your choice.
  • 17 x Zinc plated M8 x 20 countersunk fasteners (for the top plate and manifold body assembly).
  • 10 x Zinc plated M8 x 50 cap screws (for attaching the manifold to the heads)
  • 3mm EPDM cord (installed)
  • Install instructions
  • Email assistance if required.

Please allow up to 5 days for your order to be assembled and ready to ship.

**Made-to-order products have a lead time of approx 3 weeks from date of order until they are ready to ship**