1uzTech Basic Turbo System

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 1uzTech Basic Turbo System is the most simple and cost effective solution for turbocharging your 1UZ. This kit was designed around the SC400 but may fit any chassis.  

-Does NOT Retain AC and Power steering. 

Included in complete the turbo kit:

-1uzTech Log Turbo Manifolds

-VS Racing 66mm Turbocharger 

-Single 50mm VS Racing wastegate

-VS Racing Blow off Valve 

-VS Racing Intercooler Kit  (requires fitting) 

-  4an Turbo Oil feed
- 10an Turbo drain line with block adapter

- 3" Stainless Steel Downpipe (exhaust connection under car must be fabricated)

You will need larger injectors and standalone ECU for tuning 
** Built to order please allow 6-8 weeks manufacturing time **