1uz Kelford Cams 207-T2 270/280

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270/280 Degrees advertised duration. 9.90mm/9.60mm lift.

High Horsepower cams to suit turbocharged engines running big boost and high RPM. Designed for engines making an excess of 800hp. Works with OEM Shim on top of bucket. Great with E85.

Engine Make: Engine Model: Part Number:
TOYOTA Lexus 1UZ-FE 207-T2
Valve Clearance: Intake: 0.25mm Set COLD at the CAM
  Exhaust: 0.30mm Set COLD at the CAM
Cam Lift:   Intake: 10.15mm Exhaust: 9.90mm
Rocker Ratio:   Intake: 1 Exhaust: 1
Nett Valve Lift:   Intake: 9.90mm Exhaust: 9.60mm
Advertised Duration @ 0.10mm Intake: 270 Exhaust: 280
Duration @ 1.00mm VALVE LIFT Intake: 240 Exhaust: 248
Timing @ 1.00mm VALVE LIFT IVO: 10 BTDC EVO: 60 BBDC
    IVC: 50 ABDC EVC: 8 ATDC
Suggested Centre Lines:   Intake: 110 Exhaust: 116
VALVE Lift @ TDC Intake: 2.00mm Exhaust