1UZ VVTi Carburetor Intake Manifold

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This high rise 4-barrel manifold suits the VVT-i version of the two 1UZ engines, not the earlier 1UZ-FE version also available from us.

Imported from Horsepower Heads, New Zealand these manifolds were originally purpose built for NZ Oval Speedway SuperStock racing engines in the 400-500 hp range (~300-375 kW). Also often used in hot rods, jet boats, burnout cars and other 1UZ retrofit applications where an old school carb completes the desired look.

Runner lengths, port approach angles and plenum design have been optimised to improve engine response in the 3,000 to 7,000 rpm range while maintaining flow to support over 550 hp (410 kW) .

Building a Drift Car , Road Race Car or NA Drag Car and want to run a modern standalone ECU, Haltech, Link, Etc ? This is the best manifold on the market for Naturally  Aspirated Horsepower !!

*We offer EFI conversions on the intake manifold*