1uz, 2uz, 3uz ACL Race Main Bearings 5M8088HX-STD

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Main Bearing kit 5M8088HX-STD for all Toyota/Lexus 1UZ, 2UZ, 3UZ engines. The HX Race bearings allow .001" extra oil clearance for high performance applications. 

ACL is an engine builders top choice for their quality and consistency. Buy with confidence; you will find ACL in many cars on road as they are an Original Equipment supplier. Many racers, especially import racers, swear by both their stock and performance series crankshaft rod and main bearings. ACL premium bearings will not only hold up better and longer than OEM, but the special coating process will also help prevent premature engine bearing failures and expensive engine damage.

ACL Race series performance bearings are for extreme endurance under harsh conditions. Plan on running high RPMs and big boost? Fatigue, stress wear, and failure are factors you won't have to worry about when you are running ACL's top of the line metallurgy.

ACL Duraglide series bearings are a tri-metal design that provide a combination of high strength and the ability to withstand harsh / demanding operating conditions above casual driving. This makes them ideal for performance engines and rebuilds.

Please Note When Ordering Bearings: Engine bearings require proper tolerance to be measured before purchase. If you are not sure what size bearings your build requires, please consult a professional engine builder. We are not responsible for incorrectly ordered bearings and can not take returns or provide exchanges on any engine internal components.


H: Standard oil clearance
+0.001 in extra oil clearance
Standard Oil Clearance + Dowel hole in lower half
+0.001 in extra oil clearance + Dowel hole in lower half