Bosch Style Injectors Sets

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Bosch Style Injectors fit the 1uz Billet Fuel Rail Kits. All Injectors are E85 compatible.

Sold in sets of 8. Each set is flow matched and calibrated to within a stringent 2% Flow Variation Specification. 

Sizes Available:

  • 440cc - 2600cc High Impedance

Injector size  - Max HP Gasoline & E85 Fuels

440cc = 450hp gas          340hp E85

630cc = 650hp gas          490hp E85

840cc = 850hp gas          650hp E85

1000cc = 1050hp gas      785hp E85

1200cc = 1300hp gas      1000hp E85

1680cc = 1750hp gas      1300hp E85

2100cc = 2400hp gas      1624hp E85

2360cc = 3000hp gas       2000hp E85