800HP Performance A340 Transmission

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This transmission has been tested to high 8's low 9's in the 1/4 mile. With a our performance build this transmission will hold over 800hp. More than 40 low 10 second passes have been made on this transmission and it still drives like the day it was put in. It shifts FIRMLY and INSTANTLY. It doesn't shift too hard to daily drive, but will HOLD the power at the track. Hundreds of cars have been using this transmission and are loving it. 

-Perfomance upgraded valvebody

-HD 2nd gear sprag assembly

-Billet Accumulator pistons

-Billet Forward Clutch piston

-High Energy clutches

-New Steels

-New Bushings and Seals

-New High Flow Filter

*note there is a $500 core charge.