1uzTech-1600 Assembled Long Block

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1uzTech Fully Assembled Long Block: Proven over 1000WHP. Parts rated for over 1600HP Built with boost in mind. For Turbo or Supercharger applications 1600HP

Build Includes:

Stage2 Block

  • Build Includes:
  • Block Cleaning, Bore, Hone and Decking
  • Align Hone Mains
  • Polished Crankshaft
  • 11mm Steel Timeserts in Block for 11mm Head Stud
  • New TOYOTA Main Studs and Bolts
  • Crower Billet Rods
  • Wiseco Custom Compression Pistons w HD wristpins, Top and Sideskirt coating
  • ACL Race Bearings
  • Race Oil Pump
  • Blueprinted and Assembled for racing


RACE Port Cylinder Heads

We port and polish the intake and exhaust runners, drastically enlarging them, straighten airflow paths and smooth out airflow disturbances. The combustion chambers are ported and contoured around the valve heads to increase flow, smoothed and polished giving better combustion burn and detonation protection. Cam journals are polished for more clearance. The Heads sealing surfaces are machined, valve seats cut and lapped, valves reconditioned, new valve seals, and NEW Kelford valve springs installed. ARP "T" Washers for 11mm Head Studs machined/installed. We Install the scissor gears then measure and set the valve lash to your camshafts.

Kelford Camshafts

Kelford offers a lot of different profile cams to suit different engine combinations. The customers desired profile will be used or we can choose one for your application or have a set built custom.

Cometic MLS Head Gaskets, ARP 11mm (1mm oversize) Head Studs, OEM Timing Belt and OEM Supplier Tensioners and Gaskets are used to complete the build.

The Parts in this Long Block are rated to 1600HP. The factory 1uz  block and crankshaft have been proven over 1600hp in Pro Modified cars in Austrailia. Our car makes over 1000whp and the rod and piston combo weve proven over 200hp a cylinder in our 2jz car. Your engine comes back to you looking brand new, all parts sonic cleaned or painted. Fully assembled Timing Belt on and ready to bolt on your intake manifold and turbo system. We can also supply the combination 1400HP ++ turnkey contact us for details.

Send us your Long Block Complete and we send you one back ready to make 1600HP

We can fabricate/ supply Intake Manifold, Turbocharger or Supercharger System. We can also offer a 1400+ HP package turnkey. Contact us for details. 

$850 Core Charge for Customers without rebuildable Long Block.