1uzTech -1600 Assembled Short Block Boost

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1uzTech Assembled Short Block: 1600HP Built with boost in mind. For Turbo or Supercharger applications 1600HP

Build Includes:

-Block Cleaning, Bore, Hone and Decking

-Align Hone Mains

-Polished Crankshaft

-11mm Steel Timeserts installed in Block for 11mm Head Stud

-New TOYOTA Main Studs and Bolts

-Eagle Rods with ARP Custom Aged 625 Hardware (the 625 hardware increases the HP holding capacity to over 200HP per rod) 

-Crower Billet Rods Available* 

-Custom Aluminum Rods Available*

-Ross Custom Compression Pistons w HD wristpins, Top and Sideskirt coating

-ACL Race Bearings

-Race Oil Pump

-Blueprinted and Assembled for racing applications


Send us your block to build or exchange or $500 core charge for good block.