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Looking at supercharging your NON-VVTI 1UZ powered machine but not sold on using an used OEM unit or perhaps you are looking for a new, more efficient charger produced by a company that knows exactly how a charger should be built? If so then we have you covered!

ELATE is stoked on being able to offer complete bolt on kit which includes the increasingly popular four-lobe Harrop HTV2300 roots-type supercharger which is manufactured right here in Victoria, Australia using Harrop manufactured body and Eaton internals.

Please be aware of the below items:
~ Some USDM LS400 and SC400 models have a rear water crossover with a heater outlet that interferes with the manifolds W2A fittings. Use of the heater outlet will not be possible and will require blocking off.
~ The hard lines that connects the fuel rails at the front and rear of the manifold will need to be swapped out for a flexible 6AN line due to them making contact with the manifold when installed.

Intercooled kit inclusions:
~ ELATE 2-pc intercooled billet supercharger manifold w/ top plate and all mounting hardware.
~ ELATE dual pass intercooler core with investment cast end tanks w/ -12AN fittings
~ Harrop HTV2300 supercharger w/ vertical bypass (Rear entry charger)
~ ELATE 6PK Pulley (6-7psi)
~ ELATE throttle body adapter to suit the factory 1UZ NON-VVTI throttle body.
~ Smooth idler pulley
~ External heat exchanger
~ 12AN Push-lock hose (4meters)
~ 12AN 90 degree fittings
~ Bosch 1200LPH W2A pump w/ 2 pin connector
~ ELATE W2A reservoir w/ 15psi relief cap
~ 6PK Drive belt
~ Installation instructions

These kits are assembled to order, please reach out to us for the latest lead times prior to purchasing. Typical lead times on Harrop chargers not in stock are currently up to 3 months.